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Abbeville Supper Club - 'Wellies at Home'

Regular price £65.00

Teddy Rigby's 'restaurant meals in a box' were a very popular feature of TLC during COVID's Lockdown 1 offering. He has since developed a wonderful Beef Wellington with all the trimmings, ready to be heated and plated at home - called 'Wellies at Home'.

We ordered one ourselves and it was fabulous - beautifully presented, cleverly packaged (the pretty 'tissue' is branded grease proof paper for the oven), generously portioned and delicious. It is also surprisingly good value (which I mind about as I was paying!) We heartily recommend it for anybody who will enjoy a few minutes of heating and plating to enjoy a top restaurant quality meal for a Lockdown celebration.  PLEASE ALLOW 48 HOURS FOR DELIVERY

Costs start at £45 for the basic (Wellie only) and rise to £70 (a venison Wellie with everything you need).

Teddy donates £10 per order to the Royal Trinity Hospice.

Please order directly from Teddy either through his website,, or by telephone directly 079 2011 3508